According to a recent Barna Research study, only 15% of people in Kansas City engage in reading the Bible on a regular basis. Does that number surprise you?  Imagine what would happen if that number increased, lives would transform, family life would improve, and neighborhoods would be impacted by the love of God.

Engaging in the Bible is life-altering.  In this interview, Lillie Robinson talks about how reading the Bible impacted her life and how she has seen it change the lives of so many others. Lillie, who attends Palestine Missionary Baptist Church and serves as Christian Servant Leader, shares how she fell in love with reading God’s Word during an extremely difficult time in her life.  It gave her hope and reminded her of God’s love and faithfulness.

To listen to the Saturate KC podcast interview with Lillie Robinson, CLICK HERE.

Now she is passionate about helping others engage in reading the Bible.  It was at a Sending Project Luncheon where she first learned about the Community Bible Experience (CBE). She desired to get more people engaged in reading the Scriptures, and the CBE provided the exact structure for which she had been looking. It was an answer to a prayer that she didn’t even know she had.  In this podcast, Lillie shares what took place when her church began to read through the New Testament and how you too can see life transformation within your sphere of influence.