Malachi is a young leader in Kansas City working with Citywide Prayer and Love KC.  He’s married with four children. The calling in his life is to prayer and spiritual awakening. He is a pastor who is an intercessor. Malachi says, this is an unusual combination but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

To listen to the Saturate KC podcast interview with Malachi O'Brien, CLICK HERE.

Malachi believes that God is longing for a spiritual awakening in Kansas City. He doesn’t just teach and preach about revival, he regularly prays and fasts for God to move in this generation. His ministry is both local and national, in the church and in para-church movements.  You’ll want to listen to Malachi talk about why we pray. Hint, it’s not because we have needs.

Social Media can be a means for sharing witness for Jesus. Media gives us a global connection. Every great awakening in history has been preceded by a shift in the culture. Major culture shifts, whether it was the roads the Romans built, the printing press, the radio and now social media are useful for moving the gospel forward. We can use social media for so much more than selfies. When prayer is added, revival is possible.

Love KC ( is a ministry of Citywide Prayer and The Sending Project. Malachi works with Gary Kendall to connect with 100,000 persons in missional prayer. Love KC is out to see every neighborhood adopted by a person practicing the prayer, care and share lifestyle. You can pray for your neighbors by name if you go to
The most important thing anyone can do is to pray. Malachi helps us learn how and why.