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Whether you are representing yourself and/or your church, ministry, or other organization or group, you can connect with the Saturate KC Gospel Saturation community.

For Churches, Ministries, Organizations, and Other Groups

We're building a Gospel Saturation Network of churches, ministries, businesses, and other groups that are involved in some aspect of the Gospel of Jesus spreading across the KC metro and surrounding area, in word and/or action. There are a myriad of approaches and strategies for sharing the love of Jesus and making disciples, and as long they don't violate Biblical principles, we celebrate the diversity of these approaches and strategies! Whether its discovery groups, justice causes, or verbal proclamation (to name just a few), we believe there is great value in the citywide Body of Christ being thoroughly networked around the central theme of the Gospel of Jesus being spread throughout Kansas City. It doesn't mean that a church or ministry loses its identity...in fact the opposite is true...we need each approach that the Lord has orchestrated to be a part of this citywide Gospel Saturation effort. So, we invite you to join the movement.

Just fill out out the online form to be added to the Saturate KC Gospel Saturation Network so you can be connected to the growing group of churches, ministries, and other organizations and groups that are participating in some aspect of spreading the holistic Gospel of Jesus across the KC metro and surrounding area.

For Individuals

We're identifying and connecting 10,000 followers of Jesus who are Living as Sent Ones. If you are an individual who is living out your God-given missional calling, then you are living as a sent one. We want to celebrate that with you and encourage you. If you're just taking a step toward understanding your God-given missional calling, we want to help you along on that journey.

Just fill out the online form to be added to the growing list of others like you who are pursuing and/or living out their faith in Jesus, and then we'll send you encouraging and helpful information for your journey. If you would like to talk with someone on the phone or meet with someone in person who can provide some coaching for you, just let us know and we'll connect you with a devoted Christ follower who can help.

Imagine the Impact

Imagine the citywide Church realizing its full potential as it networks and unites around Jesus and His mission, and His followers are living out their God-given missional calling!

It will eventually take the whole Church to fulfill the whole mission of bringing the whole Gospel to the whole city!

Together we seek to see the Holy Spirit saturate the life of each Christ-follower overflowing into a lifestyle of disciple-making in every neighborhood throughout the urban, suburban and rural communities of the greater KC metro area.

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